Travis Terry is a native Californian born in San Gabriel and raised in Fontana, CA. He had his first experience onstage in the 7th grade when he played Uncle Lewis in Alice in Wonderland.

He is an actor and stage director with a particular love for the works of Shakespeare and all types of American musical theater. His experience onstage ranges from Shakespeare to Dostoyevsky to Brecht and Weill to Terrence McNally.

Travis was born on Groundhog’s Day in 1968, and announced that he was going to be an actor at the dinner table when he was 16. Blessed with lots of get up and go and passion about acting and directing, he put together a pretty extensive resume of classical theater.

As he leads an often confusing life crammed with many exciting experiences and lessons (all of which he survived ... so far), he’s going strong in the Los Angeles theater scene, and setting his eyes on breaking into the world of film and television.

He hopes to continue reaching out to folks as he has done through his volunteer work over the years in such organizations as “Get High on Yourself” with Cathy Lee Crosby when he was a teenager, AOL’s HIV/AIDS forum, various workshops on Shakespeare and acting in the Long Beach Unified School District, and many performances of classical plays for audiences around Southern California.

He thinks that it’s important for society to keep dreaming so we can keep reaching out to each other and learning and praying and building our dreams ... together.

He curently resides in Los Angeles with his three cats.